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Basketball Tips & Training for Players, Coaches, Parents & Lovers of the Game!

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I friggn love basketball! That's right, I said friggn. After all, this site is mostly targeted toward providing basketball tips for a younger audience, their parents, and coaches. Of course, there's stuff on here for anyone that loves basketball!

Why do I love basketball? Let me count the ways...

First off, basketball is a fast-paced game where at any given moment something exciting can happen. It can happen a number of different ways, to, on offense or on defense; with a steal or a block that leads to an amazing dunk or circus shot. You get the picture, right?

I loved providing this excitement for a crowd as well. Playing basketball gave me an escape from reality, a confidence boost, life-long friends, and many life-skills and life-ling memories.

Be a part of the excitement; develop your skills, make the team, get more playing time, make the starting 5, and keep progressing to the next level with basketball tips and training. Training and tips for every skill and just to understand the game (great for parents to!).

"But wait, there's more!" Okay, away from the bad infomercial lines...but more reasons to love the game: you can play as part of a team (of varying sizes, by the way) or you can play or practive by yourself. You can also play at almost any age. It's a great workout once you're in that 9-5 job. But, in order to even play a pickup game you've got to have some skills to be on the court or stay on the court. So again...start exploring these basketball tips!

No matter your skill level or need for BBT&T, above all, Have Fun!!!

Good luck to you this season and in your quest to become a better basketball player!

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"Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game."

-Michael Jordan

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