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Tips for Basketball Tryouts: Make an Impression!

Basketball Tips Big Question

As you know, competition has become pretty fierce just to make the team these days. These tips for basketball tryouts may just give you the edge that you need to make the cut.

Overview of basketball tryout tips:
  • Confidence
  • Play to Your Strengths
  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Players that Coaches Love to Play

The Finish Line

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Confidence is something that a coach can sense. They know that if you have confidence then it will contribute to your success on the court.

Likewise, they know if you lack confidence it's because you haven't been working on your game and have no reason to be confident.

So, the first of the tips for basketball tryouts is to be CONFIDENT, but not cocky! All good players have a "swagger."

The way to build up your confidence is to practice and then practice some more. Also be knowledgeable about the game, so you'll want to explore the rest of the tips available at

A side note:
One of my tips for basketball tryouts is to also be Confident that you will get through tryouts as well. Many coaches make the tryouts as miserable as possible to weed out the players that aren't willing to work.

Play to Your Strengths

The second of my tips for basketball tryouts is this: Show off your strengths! Don't go overboard, but play up a couple of your greatest strengths.

If you're a great spot-up shooter, then show the coach that you're money when spot-up shooting. If you're a great passer, then show off your passing abilities and rack up the assists in tryouts.

You still want to show that you have a complete game, but try to play down your weaknesses as well. If you're not a great 3-point shooter, then you shouldn't be chucking up 3's in tryouts every time you touch the ball. However, don't show that you don't have confidence in your shot, just be smart about your decisions. Take the shot when you're wide open, but limit them.

The same goes for any aspect of the game, such as dribbling: be confident but limit your weaknesses. Better yet: Have no weaknesses! Continue to improve all aspects of your game.


The third of the basketball tryout tips seems so simple, but for some reason many players just don't do it. I suppose it's because if they're not going to listen on the court then why would they listen to other people's advice?

This is more of a "what not to do" basketball tryout tip. Coaches hate, I repeat HATE it when one of their players doesn't listen.

As I said earlier, you have to be confident, but not cocky. If your coach is trying to give you advice on how to improve your game, then listen to him/her!

This doesn't only apply to coaches, though. Your teammates may give you advice as well and will be communicating what's happening around you on the court. Listen to what they have to say!

Remember, listening is part of communicating, which brings me to the next of the tips for basketball tryouts:


Basketball Tryouts Tips - Communicate Not only should you be listening, but you should be trying to help out your teammates as well. Coaches love it when a player makes the players around them better.

This is usually more of an "in-game" communication in which you would tell your teammate that you notice a weakness of his/her man, or that if he/she sets a screen then the roll to the basket has been open.

Perhaps more important, though, is being vocal on the court. You want to be calling out screens or cutters when on the defensive end to warn your teammates.

Not as importantly, you'll want to be vocal on offense as well. Holler "wolf" if a defensive player is sneaking up behind your teammate handling the ball. You can also let your teammates know when you or another teammate is open or has a mismatch.

The Players that Coaches Love to Give Playing Time

I'm not sure if this could be considered one of the tips for basketball tryouts, other than to work on these aspects:

The best SHOOTER
If you can put points on the board, the coaches may likely play you to help the team score. If you're a defensive "liability," though, then the only time you get in may be when your team is struggling on offense.

Explore the Basketball Shooting Tips and Basketball Scoring Tips to show the coach you can contribute.

Someone needs to be the primary ball handler to get the ball up the court, so coaches will give playing time to those that can do so.

Go to the Basketball Dribbling Tips page and then do some Ball Handling Drills to show you can handle the rock in your tryouts.

The best DEFENSIVE Player
Defense and rebounding wins games. The Spurs and Pistons have proven that. If you can stop the other team from scoring, then the coaches will put you out there on the floor. Think of players like Dennis Rodman, Bruce Bowen, and Marcus Camby.

Browse the Basketball Defense section of BBT&T.

As the basketball rebounding tips page states, rebounding is important on both sides. It maximizes your team's opportunities while minimizing the other team's. Explore the tips to show your coaches you will dominate the boards; they'll put you out there on the floor then.

The best PASSER
A good passer will also help to maximize your team's scoring potential. Unselfish players also make their teammates, and therefore their teams, better.

Coaches will play those who are going to make their team better. Check out some of the basketball passing tips here.

The last of the tips for basketball tryouts, then, would be to become one of these players: Even better, become the "complete" player. Of course "complete" players are those with a combination of these skills, and will be even more favored.

Work on all of these aspects of your game and you'll have nothing to worry about during tryouts.

Rebounding: A Tips for Basketball Tryouts Must!
One of the basketball tryout tips is to be a great rebounder. Here's how...

Basketball Skills
Your basketball skills hub to work on all aspects of your game and impress at tryouts.

Basketball Drills
Find basketball drills to work on your strengths and weaknesses before tryouts.

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